Jens Christian Kwella

The World On A String

The World On A String

Electric guitar, oud and saz meet in a shared love of music and curiosity about the music of other cultures. Genres and traditions are mixed, and completely new music and new expressions emerge in the meeting.

The music is inspired by the history of all stringed instruments, from Turkish and Syrian folk music as well as classical to jazz to rock, and a wide variety of playing techniques are used.
The pieces contain composed passages as well as improvised sections, where the musicians improvise based on their respective backgrounds.

The three musicians have long careers behind them in their respective fields and have all released many critically acclaimed albums
Maher Mahmoud and Orhan Turan both appeared as guests on Kwella's latest album GuitarRama Jazzical, which has excited a unanimous group of critics who wrote, among other things, "An interesting and innovative release!", "incredibly virtuoso", "an album that must be experienced" and "beautiful and complete".

Orhan Özgür Turan: Saz and vocal
Maher Mahmoud: Oud
Jens Christian Kwella: Electric guitar

Jens Christian Kwella
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