Jens Christian Kwella


“Jens Christian Kwella is one of Denmarks most elegant guitarists. He plays perfectly, gently and precisely - so skilled that the strings would sound good if he just looked at them.
Kurt Helge, Oct 2021

****** "As always, it's a real pleasure to see a bunch of musicians - here with an absolutely breathtaking Randy Brecker in front - seriously embark on something they really master: getting extremely complicated compositions to flow elegantly.” 
“Also because the star soloist and orchestra play so markedly up to each other - and leave each other plenty of space.”

Ove Nørhave, Nordjyske 20.09.2021

"Many genres and musical ideas meet on Kwella / Bjørnskov's album Slowing Down The Tune. There is a common thread of melody and presence that feels good! It is simply nice to listen to. Well-sounding and interesting to listen to at the same time."
Helle Marstrand, Jazz Special, March 2019




“An inspired bandleader and guitarist Jens Christian Kwella and the whole band performed their original paraphrases absolutely excellently" ... "Beautiful easy-flowing solos that attracted attention".

Carl Ancher, Jazzfest 2021

"The red 335 guitar shone with empathetic jazz runs ..... Intense chamber jazz from the top shelf - delicious and intense". 

Peter Elmelund, Musik i sommerlandet, June 2020

"Immediately it is Navarro's saxophone and Jens Christian Kwellas guitar that attracts attention. They go well together with the combination of melancholy and virtuosity, tango and jazz" 

Jens Lohman, Jazz special, June 2014

“They are really on fire- with a beautiful equilibrististic guitar solo from Kwella in interplay with Filipov's accordion as a highlight."

Carl Ancher Pedersen, 2017



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New album with Kwella GuitarRama Jazzical!

Release on Apr 28th 2023.

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Kommende arrangementer:

  • 09/06/2023 - 17:00

    Hede Hule Hot

    Jazz på Fiskerihavnen, Hobro

  • 18/06/2023 - 13:00

    Big Butter feat. Nikolai Bøgelund

    Roskilde Jazzy Days

  • 08/07/2023 - 11:30

    Camilla Dayyani Trio

    Aros, Aarhus Jazz Festival

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