Jens Christian Kwella

GuitarRama Jazzical

GuitarRama Jazzical

GuitarRama Jazzical is a groundbreaking meeting between two guitarists that normally move in seperate settings - the classical and the `rhythmical´. Jazz guitarist Jens Christian Kwella has created a number of compositions for electric guitar and classical guitar and performs them together with the classical guitarist Frederik Munk Larsen. The two guitarists, who are both associated professors at The Royal Academy Of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg (DK), have performed the compositions at a number of successful concerts in the spring of 2109 - for instance at Aalborg International Guitar Festival and for Jazzselskabet Aarhus.

 As far as is known, a project like this has never been made before, and this is the first time that music have been composed and performed for this constellation.
The music is inspired by the entire history of the guitar from folk, classical to jazz to rock, and a variety of different playing techniques are in use. The pieces contain both composed passages and improvised sections, where the two guitarists improvises from each their own musical background.

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 Both guitarists have  thrilled critics home and abroad for their album releases and concerts.

About Frederik Munk Larsen:
“A wonderful example of all-natural musical authority”
Kund Ketting, Jyllandspostent

“You felt the love of the guitar's dreamy Spanish poetry with its soft
shadows and the ability to create warm and singing lines in a delightfully shaped and admirably controlled playing ”
Jan Jacobi, Politiken

About Kwella's latest CD Slowing Down The Tune (2018):
"Many genres and musical ideas come together on this release. There's a red thread of melody and presence that feels good! It's simply nice to listen to - beatiful sounding and interesting to listen to at the same time.
”Helle Marstrand, Jazz Special Feb.2019

“The attraction on the album is without a doubt that the two musicians rest so much in themselves and their abilities. The musical beauty and grounding propagates to the listener. "
Niels Overgaard, 09.12.18